Scenes from the Faroes

We have really relaxed into these calm, atmospheric islands and just so peaceful.

Yesterday morning, we had a pattern workshop with Katrina i Geil, a Faroese knitter and stylist. She led us through some exercises, choosing a typical island knitting design and giving us confidence to create something different and new. We enjoyed her expertise and all of us came away with future designs for knitting, patchwork and embroidery.

At lunchtime, several of us walked down the hill to the harbour in Torshavn – our mission to find a quilt show, mentioned to us but with no details. The good news is we found it and we will be taking the rest of the group there on Wednesday. I am not going to spoil it by posting lots of pics now, but I am posting the poster just in case there are more quilters here who would like to visit.

Today, we had an optional trip to Vestmanna for lunch and then a boat trip. We stopped several times on the way for photo opportunities. The landscape is stunning and so different from the UK or Australia (we have Gillian from Australia on this tour).

The boat from Vestmanna took us to see bird life and grottos. All helped by a calm sea and sun. Inside the caves the rock colours were fascinating.

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