Fish Skins in Glorious Colour

Our first full day in The Faroe Islands.

John, our excellent driver/guide was impressed that we were ready 5 minutes early, ready to leave for our morning tour. As he says, the earlier we are the more he can show us. And there is a lot to see and learn about these unique islands. 

We toured around Torshavn visiting the old buildings with grass as a roof. This is where the first parliament or Tinganes was held over a thousand years ago.

On the other side of the hill, another scenic drive away was Kirkjubou, a small hamlet with lots of history. I loved this door on the wall of the culture centre.

Arena had arranged for us to visit Poulina, a Faroese weaver. We enjoyed looking at her looms, beautiful woven samples and traditional costumes she had woven and sewn. 

We were fascinated with the fish skins the looked and felt like chamois leather. But oh what glorious colours! Of course they had to be purchased and will be used in appliqué, bags and clothes.

Threads in silk, cotton and linens as well as wools in fabulous hand dyed colours were also bought. Some of the silk threads were used in our handstitching workshop this afternoon.

It is 9.45pm and this is the view from my bedroom window. The grass is actually the roof of the bedrooms below and across the water looking like a whale is the ‘disappearing island’. I have given it this name as we sat fascinated during dinner, watching it appear and disappear, changing every few minutes, depending on the cloud formations.

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