Karin has written a large selection of books for quilting and patchwork. Karin’s wonderful resource books bring quilt making into the 21st century offering students multiple techniques within new concepts. They are packed with clear diagrams and step by step instructions taking students through from beginner through to advanced. Karin uses fun, fast, accurate and efficient methods to simplify quilt making.

If you would like to order any of Karin’s books please contact her by email.                      Sew a Row Quilts and Sew Simple Logs books are unavailable but Karin has some special prices on her remaining books.

PDF’s of three of Karin’s books are available for download, including Sew Simple Logs.

Jelly Roll Bargello Quilts – Karin’s latest book

Fascinating Bargello quilts consist entirely of straight seams and rectangular pieces, yet create the mesmerising optical illusion of graceful movement, waves and curves. Bargello quilt making looks complex and difficult but any beginner quilter who can sew a straight seam can master the necessary skills. It is also a technique that is easy to complete quickly and with confidence, thanks to pre-cut jelly rolls and author Karin Hellaby s clear how-to instructions. Karin works with both solid and printed fabrics, and varies her colour palette from monochromatic to riotously colourful. She explores the impact of offset seams for gentle curves and matched seams for dramatic arc and turns in the pattern. Readers will find the technique addictive, with lovely patterns that include pillows, a quilt bag, wall hangings, table toppers and lap quilts. UK £13.95

Sew Simple Hexi-Flowers

Sew Simple Hexi-FlowersFor all lovers of English paper piecing! This book uses the hexagon and bishop’s mitre paper shapes to make flowers, which are appliqued to a background fabric. To create even more exciting designs, Karin draws new lines on these traditional shapes. A wonderful book for hand sewers and those who enjoy a portable project. UK £9.95

Sew Simple Pinwheels

Cover_final.inddFind pinwheels too fiddly? Not when you do them the Sew Simple way! Slash your stash of 5″ and 10″ fabric squares with very little waste. Making the block produces both the pinwheel and small triangles ready for use in your border – two for one! UK £9.95

Fabric Quantities for Sew Simple Pinwheels Quilts

Sew Simple Pinwheels video

Sew Simple Pineapple Plus

Sew Simple Pineapple PlusPineapple Plus? Absolutely. There’s so much more you can do with this wonderful block and as always Karin makes it Sew Simple. Her new triangle methods give you more colour, more variety, more choice and more fun. And if you love to piece and quilt at the same time, try her Pineapple Quilt as you Go! Click here for fabric requirements and instructions for individual quilts featured in the book. UK £9.95

Instructions for Individual Quilts from Sew Simple Pineapple Plus

Pineapple Block layouts

Pineapple Plus video


Sew Simple Pineapple

Sew Simple PineappleStart with a square and keep adding layers until your pineapple explodes in wonderful variations of colour and fabric. It’s a fun idea with no special rulers, no odd angles and no fabric wastage. So peel away the covers and revel in a feast of Pineapple Chunks and Exploding Pineapples – not to mention an inspirational gallery of brand new quilts created with the very latest fabrics. Sew Simple Pineapples is packed with ideas, techniques, tips and creativity for beginners and experienced quilters alike. UK £9.00

Exploding Pineapples video


Sew Simple Attic Windows

Sew Simple Attic WindowsDo Attic Windows scare you? Not any more! Karin brings Attic Window patchwork into the 21st century with three Sew Simple techniques. First no mitres! Instead triangles are used to create a 3D attic window block. Second curved windows are a new Sew Simple method of creating unique blocks with no mitred seams. Finally perfect mitred borders using the easiest method possible. UK £9.00

Attic windows video


Sew Simple Logs

Sew Simple LogsNothing new about log cabin? There is now! In Sew Simple Logs Karin Hellaby takes the traditional quilting technique you love and gives you a step-by-step guide to creating any number of beautiful log cabin designs – quickly and easily. And if you’re looking for inspiration, there’s a mouth-watering gallery of new quilts, conceived and created with the very latest fabrics.

Variations for Forest Skies Quilt Layout

Fast Flying Geese

25 different ways to sew patchwork geese! Taking the beginner Fast Flying Geesethrough to advanced with many projects and design ideas. Karin’s delightfully easy techniques will give your imagination wings – and lead you to new adventures in design. Inside this book you’ll find all the help you need to create flocks of fast flying geese, as well as quick and innovative ideas for every quilter from the plucky beginner to the fully fledged expert. UK £17.95

Magic Pillows Hidden Quilts

Magic Pillows Hidden QuiltsOpen a pillow to magically reveal a spectacular quilt!. Have fun with three very different magic pillows. Learn how to mix and match patchwork blocks to create your own designs, quickly and easily using the latest machine sewing techniques. UK £16.95

Sew a Row Projects

Sew a Row ProjectsA companion book to Sew a Row Quilts. 15 unique patterns make fun, easy and enjoyable projects with exciting variations in colour and design. Choose to make quilts, table runners, tote bags and funky folders. UK £5.00

Sew a Row Quilts

A multi-technique book which uses a Sew a Row magic quilt foSew a Row Quiltsrmula. Blocks are sewn into rows which fit together to make a quilt. Clear diagrams and step by step explanations show you how to achieve many patchwork techniques. UK £16.95. 

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