Welcome to Karin Hellaby Quilts!

Karin Hellaby was born in the north-east of England to Norwegian parents. She studied for a Home Economics degree in Education from the University of Wales. She now lives in Suffolk, UK and is the owner of one of the UK’s leading quilt shops – Quilters Haven. In 1998 Karin won the Michael Kile Award for International Retailer of the Year, awarded by the Houston Quilt Market/Festival organisers.

Karin loves travelling, and has enjoyed teaching at International Quilt Markets and Festivals in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates. She has taught many times at the largest outdoor quilt show in the world, an annual event in Sisters, Oregon where one year she had a solo display of her quilts. In 2011 Karin was delighted to be asked to open the Dubai International Quilt Show.

In 2005, Karin was approached by a specialist holiday company, Arena Travel, to advise on quilting holidays. This teaching venture has taken her on river cruises down the Rhine and Seine as well as beautiful venues in France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Japan and Norway. UK quilting weekends have been held in Durham, York, Bath, Harrogate and Wales.
She has also taught on a Stitchin Heaven Quilting Cruise.

Karin’s first four wonderful resource books bring quilt making into the 21st century offering students multi- techniques within new designs. Karin’s workshops illustrate her philosophy well – several types of patchwork taught and sewn in one class and then stitched into an original pattern design, very achievable and lots of fun!

Recently, Karin has been working on a Sew Simple series of books which concentrate on one topic but include several technique options. So far the series has covered: Logs,Pineapple, Pineapple Plus, Attic Windows and Pinwheels. Her unique Pineapple technique has astounded both shop owners and students alike! Sew Simple Pineapple has been voted a one of the top five quilting books for two consecutive years by the Fabshop network.

Karin feels her greatest achievement is to bring up three sons on her own. She started writing books to help support them through university. Ross, Jason and Alexander are all in London enjoying the world of work!
Her 10th book, Sew Simple Hexi-Flowers, was published in July 2014.

You can follow Karin through various social media platforms by clicking on the links below.

4 Responses to Home

  1. Sandra Turnbull says:

    Well done you. Have recorded Jenny on Create and Craft and decided to buy your books on Amazon and they are sold out


  2. searchfamilies says:

    I have just got your Sew SImple Pineapple is the measurements given on the chart on page 8 is that the size you cut the square for round 3 & more as i am having a little trouble finding out the size of each square you cut after the first & second ones i do have trouble understand somethings so it most likely me not understanding this so if you can help so i can have a go at doing this i would appreciate it
    Hugs Janice


  3. June Parry says:

    Would be interested in your sew a row book. Visited a stall at FOQ that had your books, decided to go back later as not to carry around, but the time runs out and several things I did not go back for, that’s what you get when you limit your spending, which you have to at an event there are too many nice things. Facebook mentioned availability of your book for £5.00 where would I need to go to purchase admire ll your work, Create and Craft do a good job promoting you designs.
    Regards June A Parry


  4. Nan Martino says:

    Please subscribe me.


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