Wool felting in The Faroes

We had a special visit today which was not on our itinerary. It was a visit to the Faroese home of Ase Hatun, an 80 year old wool felter. For an hour she chatted to us about the development of wool crafts in The Faroes and then we roamed around admiring her beautiful work as well as her house.

Earlier we had taken a ferry to Nolsoy, the disappearing/appearing island that can be seen so prominently from our hotel. Yes, that is an enormous whalebone that has been in position for over a 100 years.

Near the whalebone is an historic house that locals call Petersen’s Warehouse. It has been erected on the foundations of one of the first shops in the village, built in 1787. Here, we had a delicious lunch of cod barbequed in paper with potatoes and onions. Such a simple dish to prepare, but one to make when we return home. The local water is so good that I have nicknamed it ‘Faroese Wine’.

Katrina i Geil guided us around the village she had lived in for many years. Some of us even got to meet her ‘sheeps’. Many were intrigued with the jumper she is wearing.

The guides we have had in The Faroes have been very informative and we all now feel these islands mean so much more than a mention on the shipping forecast! A beautiful, harsh and extreme environment with people who strongly protect their traditions and are fiercely independent, resisting other countries from interfering in their way of life. Visit, before it is invaded by tourists!

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