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Last night, we had a show and tell of purchases from the first day of the show. Of course, you can all guess what happened today. What we had missed yesterday we bought today. There are some wonderful traders here, with South African fabrics, threads and embroideries. These were some of our favourites including – Langalapua, fabrics4africa.

We wanted to support Tambani and bought many of their hand embroideries. Such an amazing worthwhile project, creating jobs for Venda women to help them support their families.

I love bumping into Rosa at the various shows all over the world. She is from Spain and the only trader who had made it over from Europe. Quilters here, avidly watched her apliquick techniques and many of our group just had to have the tools.

The Egyptian tentmakers display, was much admired and you can watch a video of them on my Facebook page.

Several of us attended the lecture on the Keiskamma art project. This is an indicative that helps unemployed rural women earn money by learning embroidery and other craft skills.

And there was time to relax in the sun. Note the shopping bags, I hope they can get all their purchases into their suitcases!

Tonight is our farewell dinner and we have invited Renee de Beyer to join us as she has done much to make this tour such a success. Thank you Renee, it is thanks to you that we have met so many South African quilters.

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