First day at the South African Quilt show

We have been warmly welcomed at this show in Port Elizabeth, having become celebrities as we travelled from Cape Town. From my previous blogs of this tour you have been able to read about the local quilting groups and their wonderful hospitality.

One of our group is learning from Jenny Bowker and several others have booked in for lunchtime lectures. Jenny once stayed with me in the UK and it was lovely to see her again.

What I love about attending quilt shows all over the world is the differences! This show is no exception. Despite having considerable fabric stashes at home we still found plenty that we needed or was it wanted? I purchased from Amafu and Pam Stallebras, hand dyes and painted fabrics.

I am able to post general photos of the wonderful quilts as individually they are not to be uploaded to the internet.

Finally, I must mention the beautiful rosettes given to each prize winning quilt. These were made by Angie Franke, as was the aloe flower display.

The fabrics were donated by Da Gama produced by Kowie. Many of us have purchased several of the shweshwe fabrics during this tour, including me. Today, I saw a quilt I would like to make with them.

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2 Responses to First day at the South African Quilt show

  1. Louise Eksteen says:

    It was a feast of colour, design, workmanship – quite breathtaking! I wish I had more time to visit the exhibition again. Well done, all!

  2. Jean Stocks says:

    Looks like a wonderful show.

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