A quilt shop in Torquay – Australia

We have been driving along the Ocean Road from Adelaide to Melbourne taking in fabulous views, interesting places and coming across a couple of quilt shops. Today’s visit to Amitie Quilt shop was on my ‘hit’ list as I knew it belonged to Jen Kingwell, whom I have long admired. Jen designs the most gorgeously busy fabrics for Moda and her pattern books reflect her style.

The front of the shop looks like a big modern warehouse with a large opening, so that you could see straight into the huge shop and teaching area. You walk into a cafe, a great place for a non quilting partner. Can you see Bean catching up with his emails? Here we enjoyed a delicious smoked salmon quiche with a quinoa and green salad, served by Mr Kingwell.

Jen just happened to be in the store today, hand sewing. It was great to have a catch up with her about the latest news from the quilting scene.

After a long chat I was itching to take a closer look at her quilts hanging high up above all the fabulous selection of fabrics. All of them have patterns or booklets so that you can make your own version. Here is the latest.

There was also a class going on, making a Totes Amazeballs bag. The students were using large prints and bright unusual coordinates. As you can see plenty of space to work and fabrics all around for inspiration.

I bought one of Jen’s books which she signed for me.

I could have stayed all day but we were due in Melbourne that afternoon. Goodbye Jen and see you in Houston.

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