Mekong Quilts

Whilst walking around the old historic quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam, I came across this lovely shop. Just from the window display I could see it was well worth a visit!

Founded in 2001, Mekong quilts employs over 300 quilters plus support staff. The women living in rural Vietnam have been trained to produce handicraft items. They are paid a fair wage and other employment benefits. The quilts they produce look familiar but with many original twists. Do take a look!
I really enjoyed the building too.A characteristic of Vietnamese house are that they are narrow, as they are taxed according to width. The large hole looking down from the upstairs to the ground floor is for hauling up furniture in case of a flood. Such a good idea.

Have you ever seen bicylcles made from bamboo?

I have found a smaller Mekong Quilts shop in Hoi An. This is an organisation which is worth supporting.

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